About Us

Proposals is a bridal boutique and contemporary women’s clothing shop in the historic Heights neighborhood of Little Rock, Arkansas. Founded in 2003, Proposals has offered bridal and formalwear options for more than ten years. Owner Toni Tucker, who purchased the shop in 2012, added contemporary women’s clothing and accessories to Proposals’ expanding inventory. Today, Proposals Boutique is the only shop that can dress you for your wedding, gala or tailgate!


Toni Tucker became the sole owner of Proposals Boutique in 2012. She credits her passion for business and management to her parents. Her mother, an elementary school principal, and father, a legendary high school football coach, both have experience rebuilding struggling programs. Toni gained problem solving abilities from her parents, and now applies what she learned to the many surprises that come with business ownership . Her fresh perspective has breathed new life into Proposals, introducing affordable contemporary clothing and jewelry to the long-time bridal shop. “Buying your wedding dress is a huge decision,” Toni says. “And we pride ourselves on making sure every bride has the absolute best possible experience.” Toni is the mother of two children—Ellis and Mari Francis—with her husband Clarke, who has been her biggest supporter and number one fan since she purchased the store. She loves the South, her customers and working with the best team a girl could ask for.


Betsy is our sales MVP. From young to old, Betsy can find clients of any age the perfect dress for any occasion. She manages our sales floor and never wastes a minute. She’s constantly looking for ways to improve the store and increase productivity, and she doesn’t do anything without a smile on her face. Betsy has a spirit unlike any other human I’ve come across. 


Sydney Waters is 22 years old and lives in Cabot, Arkansas with her husband, Thomas. They are high school sweethearts and have been together since she was 15 years old. They’re a typical southern couple and love spending time outdoors, fishing, and hunting. The Bridal industry is Sydney’s passion. She loves working with designers, the gowns themselves, and of course the brides. The relationships she has formed while working with brides have been some of the most rewarding and she values the time she’s able to spend with them helping to find the dress of their dreams!