Colleen’s Thoughts on a Few Hashtags: #shopsmall #shoplocal

Today I’m taking you into the deep, winding, crazy depths of a wild place…my mind! If you know me at all you know that thoughts come and go as quickly as Taylor Swift’s boyfriends. I actually bought this Erin Smith painting for myself because I found it so appropriate (you can purchase Holy Crap! Art By Erin at the Full Moon in LR, which is where I purchased this gem).


Anyway, back to the point! If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you know that I have a love hate relationship with hashtags.  Originally the hashtag was used in information technology to highlight a special meaning, but as we know now, it is as a way to bring together people and ideas by tagging topics of interest on the microblogging network on which it is used. So ultimately for Proposals and other clothing and fashion boutiques it helps us attract more followers, and ultimately gets our product out to more consumers.  (Another idea jump….the first time I heard someone actually speak in hashtag #FOMO to be exact, I was like….                                                                                                                                              whaaaat

and I usually still do this because it is weird when people speak internet. Seriously.)

So the particular hashtags I was pondering last night were two that I frequently use, especially during the Holiday Season: #shopsmall and #shoplocal.  As having been a member of the Proposals team for almost 6 years now, you know that we have seen our fair share of other small women’s clothing boutiques pop up all over the town.  Every time we hear about a new small women’s clothing store we are thinking, “OMG where is it? What are they selling? Is this going to be some massive, new competition?!” But some how we quickly resort back to being calm and collected, the norm…obviously cheers-ing with our champagne glasses. When it comes down to it, we all support one another because we are all in the same battle–small stores trying to make it competing against big box stores that can charge less and carry more inventory.

freaking out          cheers

Why do you think it is then that we have so many small women’s clothing boutiques that are all successful in LR? I can’t imagine that there are many other communities our size that can support so many local businesses.  The answer is obvious! It is our awesome, wonderful, beautiful, and loyal customers! You realize you may go down to Forever21 and find a similar tank in the same color (but let’s be serious, not the same quality) for $5 that we have at our store for $15. But you chose to shop with us and spend the extra $10 because you enjoy the more calm atmosphere, the smiles from the employees, and the fact that you get to hear things like “Girl last time you were you here you were going out for your bday! How was that?” or “How are your twins babies? They are what 4 months old now?” or even, “OMG your house caught on fire WTH are you okay?!?!” You prefer this:


to this:

fightingSo THANK YOU to our awesome, wonderful, beautiful, and loyal customers who continue to come back and see us! Also for our brides who are choosing to shop local and in a stress-free, fun environment instead of saving a few bucks to go to a big store.  You are our bread and butter (or in our case probably our Boulevard pimento cheese and Heights Fine Wine champagne!).  You make each and every day fabulous and we are so grateful for your business.  And of course! For the fact that you #shoplocal and #shopsmall!


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