The Bridesmaid Report

Bridesmaid Dress. It just has an eerie ring to it, recalling images of your mom in that baby blue number with sleeves taller than the Empire State Building. Or the dreaded, “You can always cut it short and wear it again,” statement.  Here’s the kicker. Designers are FINALLY figuring out that although we want the audience to be focused on the Bride on the big day, that doesn’t mean her attendants need to look like they are wearing a potato sack made from your grandmother’s curtains. Case in point… mom in a wedding circa 1971:

This really happened. AH!

This really happened. AH!

Brides started to move away from doing the traditional Bridesmaid dress by letting their wedding party choose the dress to wear for the wedding.  Just instructing their girls, “Here is a color, go with it.”  I can tell you from experience this is SUPER stressful on either the Bride or the Bridesmaids.  The Bride will see pictures of what newly single Jane Doe chose and doesn’t know how to tell her that is just a little too short and her fiancé’s Grammy Mimi may just die of a heart attack if you wear that.  On the flip side the Bridesmaid stands in the dressing room with every dress in pale pink within a 20 mile radius and frets over which one is the right choice for the wedding. Sometimes the dream color of your wedding can be difficult for your Bridesmaid’s to find as well, especially if the color is not in season (i.e. blush in December). If you want to spice it up and let the girls wear different dresses, try an option like choosing a designer, then pick a fabric and/or color, then let your bridesmaid’s choose from those selections. There is a large enough variety that girls can find something that looks good on their body AND few enough that it doesn’t make you need a stiff drink and a nap after choosing a dress.  In this photo, girls are wearing different versions of a bridesmaids dress from Dessy Creations.   Choosing two colors for the same style make for a fun contrast as well.

same fabric, different style

Another option is TwoBirds, which is a standard dress with lots of different ways to tie the top so each dress looks unique.


If you want to go traditional, which is still the most popular route, with matching dresses or gowns, fear not. Gone is the day of thick satin dresses and moving in to take its’ place are fun dresses that are reminiscent of a trendy cocktail dress. They are no longer strictly strapless and straight, but have a plethora of options of fabric, color, and fits. Take for example the Alfred Sung bridesmaid line by Dessy. They offer both short and long dresses in contemporary styles, with full skirts, pleating details, bow accents (I know “bow” sounds scary but it is fabulous, I promise!), and necklines.


real alfred








Bill Levkoff is coming out with some great long styles with a variety of necklines to hold everybody (couch cough the larger chested ladies) in place, and let you dance the night away!



billWatters and Watters is taking bridesmaids’ dresses to a whole new level combing different fabrics including lace to make designs that are far from the old, frumpy bridesmaid look.


wtooAlvina Valenta perfects the formal look with chiffon with different ruching, gathering, and keyhole back gowns.

avav2Brides, do you and your wedding party and call today to make an appointment to come in and look at the new styles that are putting the satin curtains back in their place…on the wall, not in your wedding!


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