Why buy off the rack?


Hi, future brides! Courtney, here. We are in the throws of our semi-annual sample sale (which ends January 11) and I have had several brides ask me why they should buy off the rack.  Betsy is here with me and we are going to walk you through some of the benefits to buying one of our sample gowns.  First off, I should explain why we have a sample sale.  Each quarter, our vendors send us a list of gowns they plan to discontinue.  When we are no longer able to special order off a sample, YOU get to reap the benefits! These gowns are in good condition and ready to be worn for your big day.  The most obvious benefit of buying off the rack is cost effectiveness.   Betsy notes, “A gown that was not previously in your budget becomes attainable for you.”  Gowns during this sale are marked 30, 50 and 75% off.  I’ll give you an example, one gown  that we love was originally marked $3,025 and until January 11th, this gown is $757! What a steal! See, you get the benefit of wearing a multi-thousand dollar gown for a fraction of the price! Another huge bonus of buying one of our sample gowns, time management.  Special order bridal gowns can take up to four MONTHS to come in and some brides simply do not have that time! This is a great option for those of you with a shorter engagement! Also on the side of time management, if you are wanting to “tweak” your dress, this option allows you to have the time needed to make your dress perfect.  The three most common “tweaks”(minor changes) to dresses  are “sweethearting” the neckline, “v-ing” the back and removing a layer or two of tulle from underneath the gown.  These are small changes but you want to make sure they are done right and that you are not rushed and settle for something less than you had envisioned.  As if you needed another point to persuade you, we are also giving away a FREE gown cleaning and preservation to use after the party is over.  Call 501.661.4696 as soon as possible so you can take advantage of these incredible savings! You only have one week left! We can not wait to be a part of your I dos. Happy Friday! XX Courtney


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